Healthcare Facts


There are 45 million people without health care.
There are 8.1 million children without health care.
23 percent of uninured reported changing their way of life significantly in order to pay medical bills.
Every 30 seconds in the United States someone files for bankruptcy in the aftermath of a serious health problem.
Health insurance premiums will rise to an average of more than $14,500 for family coverage in 2006.
65% of people receiving Medcaid are from working families.
Medicaid provides heatlh services and long-term care for over 51 million low income people.



  1. Health Care is going Through Incredible turmoil (Betzold 2000) 
  2. We rank 37th among other industrialized nations 
  3. Costs have increased greatly.   
  4. Malpractice is out of control with people dying from inadequate care 
  5. Long-term care costs are up; with many nursing homes going bankrupt 
  6. Health care spending is rising faster than economic growth (by the Numbers 2003) 
  7. Costs are continuing their upward spirals making it difficult for people to get good care (Landreneau 2003) 
  8. The working poor and the retired are the least likely to have adequate care 
  9. Today’s health care is very cost-conscious 
  10. We have major nursing shortages and managed care to contend with 
  11. Women experience major barriers to adequate care; especially minority women (Journal of Women’s health and gender based medicine) 
  12. Over the years women have experienced much exploitation and discrimination at the hands of health care providers 
  13. Minority women; more often than white women were denied access to items such as birth control to maintain women’s reproductive status 
  14. Latino and African American women are the primary targets for health care discrimination 
  15. Minority women are less likely to be insured than European American women 

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