Missouri Medicaid Cuts


The Missouri Budget Project

This site is a statewide nonpartisan, nonprofit organization recording Missouri opinions on Medicaid cuts.  Apperently, the opinions aren’t good, and rightfully so. 


A summary of the known effects of Matt Blunt’s Medicaid cuts:

Missouri Center on Budget and Policy Priorities:

  • 61,000 low-income parents — mostly working mothers — with incomes between 30 percent and 75 percent of the poverty line (between $4,800 and $12,100 per year for a family of three), after certain deductions;[2]
  • 4,600 senior citizens and people with permanent disabilities with incomes from $6,900 per year (for an individual) to $9,600;
  • 9,500 low-income workers who have disabilities;
  • 3,000 working people with temporary disabilities (receiving medical assistance under General Relief);
  • 1,150 people who recently left welfare for work;
  • 13,600 children and adults who would lose coverage because of stricter application requirements and increased paperwork; and
  • 24,000 children who would lose Medicaid (MC+) coverage because their families are unable to pay increased premiums. 



Quality of healthcare at risk, doctors say  “Family practitioner Julie Wood considers herself one of the unfortunate casualties of a raging political debate in Missouri’s Statehouse concerning medical malpractice insurance…”  09/23/03


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